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Some FAQ's


  • How often I should get my car washed?
    While there is no recommendation from the car manufacturer on how often you should wash your car, you should give a proper car wash at least once every two weeks. For car owners who are living in those areas where a faster accumulation of dirt and dust happens on the car, it is suggested to wash your car every week.
  • Will a car wash harm my alloy wheels?
    Your alloy wheels will be just fine in our car wash.
  • Can't I just wash my car at home?
    What about just washing your car yourself in the driveway? Isn't that an inexpensive option for cleaning your car? Wouldn't it even be possible to amass all of the tools, equipment, and specialty products used by a professional detailer and do it yourself? Sure. But inexpensive does not mean satisfactory, or thorough, or even safe for your car. Common do-it-yourself tactics like washing with dish soap, using too little water, working in direct sunlight, or other poor approaches can each cause more harm than good. So can trying to use a buffer or polisher without experience. The truth is, unless you have been properly trained, you can do damage to your paint. Same thing if you use the wrong products. And the right products (not to mention tools and equipment) can be quite costly. If you combine the lack of suitable materials with a lack of experience, the result can be far less than fulfilling.
  • How can I protect the clearcoat?
    Nearly all passenger vehicles today feature a two-stage paint finish. An opaque colored basecoat is topped off with a hard, transparent urethane or polyurethane. So, the outer layer of the paint finish is the clearcoat. The most effective ways to care for your car's clear coat is to keep it clean and coated. That translates to frequent (and proper) washes, and regular application of a polymer sealant or quality car wax, such as Carnauba. Washing, of course, removes the contaminants that could damage the clearcoat. A polymer sealant or wax creates a clear waterproof barrier that serves to filter out UV rays and shields the paint from contaminants. It also makes water bead up and run off so that contaminants rinse easier.
  • Can I take my car through the wash if I just had it painted?
    Maybe. Soft-cloth car washes using mild cleaning materials are safe for newly painted surfaces. But if you just had your car painted yesterday, then no. It is okay to have your car hand washed the next day, but your new paint needs to cure before you can safely take it through an automatic wash. Most body shops will recommend 30 days to allow it to cure enough for the car wash. And that paint needs to breathe a good 60 days before you can apply a coat of wax. Otherwise it will not fully cure - a condition that can lead to paint failure in the future.
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